1221 – yeah yeah testo

attendere prego...

[intro] (1221)







[verse] (1221)

okay, i’m back on my sh+t, i’m making money, i be clapping yo b+tch, you want smoke we can run it up quick, these n+ggas be b+tches they don’t want smoke with me n+gga, i do not fight fair

cause these n+ggas be acting like b+tches, all of you b+tches are jokes to me, i be stacking up my cash

you hating ass n+ggas, gone work for me, keep bringing hate, you b+tches encourage me

i need that muhf+cking cash, i need that muhf+cking bag, i need to blow up in music and show you punk n+ggas, that i made it

when i make it, i’m still gone be pressing you p+ssy ass n+ggas, this flow don’t stop
cause i need all that cash and pennies, i’ve been broke for awhile, you b+tch n+ggas done had it well for awhile

when u see me and tdk empty yo pockets, we gone get it anyways

me and my dawgs, we all getting paid, to spit on that mic, and raise h+ll on the stage

yall done seen my worst in my music, it’s time to upgrade

i be like yeah yeah, when you p+ssy ass n+ggas be talking sh+t

m+th+f+cka this ie sh+t

[verse] (tdkyuseishu)


i pull i high as f+ck, i done said this sh+t before, all you f+ggots always on my d+ck, i don’t need it no

in this b+tch with 1221, but imma say a 1312, i’m always in the stu because, the stu is in bedroom

i don’t wanna date that b+tch, i f+ck that b+tch, i bust a few, pull up with my brothers, we be outta sp+ce that nasa sh+t

i don’t ever lack muthf+cker b+tch i be packing sh+t, pull up on yo b+tch, i bust a nut, face mask the b+tch
yeah (6x)
been on this sh+t for awhile, no

yeah (5x)

f+ck on yo b+tch for awhile, no

yeah (5x)

all on my d+ck for awhile, no

yeah (5x)

i’m back in this b+tch, i’m not leaving, yuh

b+tch i’m not leaving yuh

real sh+t mane

young tdk back in this b+tch mane

- 1221 testo

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