1221 – rds testo

attendere prego...




rds freestyle you already know what’s going on n+gga


yeah (6x)

[verse 1]

i keep on pressing p+ssy n+ggas, cause i need to stack my sh+t, if a n+gga keep talking sh+t, i’ll beat his ass up quick

i don’t mess with p+ssy n+ggas, i get my cash then dip, if a n+gga want some smoke with me n+gga, we can do the sh+t

i just want my bag and stack my cash, but n+ggas talking sh+t, i ride the f+cking beat, to make some cash, yeah i’m on my sh+t

i don’t really like talking bout cash, but i love the sh+t, if a n+gga talking on yo ass, you better bust his sh+t

had to cut some ties with some n+ggas, they was acting different, have to keep my eye on some n+ggas, they might try some sh+t

if a n+gga try some sh+t, he gone die quick, i’ll k!ll a n+gga, spiritually, mentally and emotionally

f+ck yo confidence, you talk a lotta sh+t, but don’t walk the sh+t, when i’m on yo ass, i’m on yo ass

i walk the sh+t

[verse 2]

f+ck the talking sh+t, leave a n+gga with grass stains, cause that n+ggas a b+tch and that n+ggas lame, since we on the topic of b+tches, i’ll take yo b+tch

some n+ggas be acting to soft, whos the real b+tch, i just wanna go to the mall and buy a lot of sh+t

but i gotta stack up my sh+t, i need a lot of it

imma keep on

stacking (4x)

stacking it

my name is 12,2,1

it’s a habit b+tch

my name is 1221 imma rapper b+tch
imma be going up in this rapping sh+t

i might f+ck yo hoe, and pass that b+tch

some n+ggas bend break fold they can’t handle sh+t

some n+ggas be sticks and stones, they be crumbling

if a n+gga try to act bold, i’m crumble him

if a n+gga want all the smoke, he can disappear

when i look in yo eyes i see a b+tch in there

when you look in my eyes u don’t know who’s in there

- 1221 testo

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