1221 – on that grind testo

attendere prego...

[intro] (1221)


1221, archer, oh yea

we on that grind everyday (3x)

[verse] (1221)

i’m on that grind everyday, to see some better days, gotta get this cash quick, vibin while my songs play

getting up early, gotta get this cash quick, gotta stack my bag quick, i stack up racks quick

i did my verse quick, had to do a song with my bro, had to vibe with bro

when me arch on the beat, our flow is unique, we on that grind everyday, tryna get paid

tryna stack up plays

i really want the money, but i’m lying if i didn’t say i love this game

but it really ain’t no game

it’s a man eat man, so when you comin up off that grind, you better have a plan
i know im gon make it, imma take the f+ckin thrown, and make it my own

cause when i find a beat, i make it my own

all i’m tryna say is me and arch is on that grind, we gon shine, like we done lost our minds

we done lost our mines

but maybe you just crazy and we are on our grind

but i know i’m gon shine, even if you doubt, cause i need that cash

in large amounts

d+mn too much money, i can’t even count, i’m gone give to the homeless and hopes that it counts

cause the f+ck i look like havin all this money and can’t lend some out

i’m on that grind, tryna stack money and pass the time

[verse] (archer)

on that f+cking beat with 1221
b+tches look up to me like d+mn he the one

yall talking sh+t catch this cannon nickelodeon
the only trigger youre pulling is on a f+cking nerf gun
why you gotta hate we’re just kids from community
i was just worried about the paper not no f+cking jewelry

i was a quiet kid minded my own business usually
but free jackson free rob i’m screaming f+ck the community

we been on the grind we on the quest for riches
she say she different but she ain’t different than all those other b+tches

yeah she just hatin cause i’m ballin like stephen
she just mad that im f+ckin on her bestfriend

aye, yuh, back with the rhymes
k!lling this beat should be a crime

hit it from the back hear that roar of time
i’m slurpin on that meowth, got her coin slot twitchin

out rapping me? hit up shenron for your wishes motherf+cker

- 1221 testo

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