1221 – nxthin 2 lxxse testo

attendere prego...

[part 1]

all that pretty pretty sh+t it ain’t pretty, pop his ass cuz he thought a n+gga was sweet flomilli

i’m destined to reach some f+cking millies, but n+ggas be on n+ggas on n+ggas pdidy

i’m tryna asend in this game, my goal is to reach millions of fans, but dont wanna be a celebrity

celebrities got no privacy, paparazzi hiding in the bushes

they couldn’t play me like that cuz id run ya ass over

i don’t like that f+cking stalking sh+t, but sh+t i can’t stand more is that talking sh+t

n+gga come get ya chick, she tryna suck my, beep

i got no time for ya chick, i got time to spit and sh+t on n+ggas

cuz if u slip ill steal ya sh+t, what u think i’m talking bout ya money tucked under ya undies, or 7 dollars an hour cleaning crummies, sweeping ass n+gga

i don’t steal i’m talking bout fans to appeal, once i do ya n+ggas all gon squeal

i stack my cash and n+ggas know its real, n+ggas know i’m real, y’all plastic something like elastic, waiting to get ya ass kicked

ya grass feed, your favorite rapper feed u sh+t so u end up dead
u got no brain how the f+ck u gon use yo head

i’ve been rapping for awhile i’m ahead of these n+ggas, i’m tryna take the fear out, that’s embedded in n+ggas

fear is embedded in n+ggas, like in rap i’m better then n+ggas, these n+ggas can’t rap, what you think i’m on

i gotta go and get this cash, and go up on

the way u been actin n+gga is like a lil b+tch

y’all got nothing to lose

[flow switch]

why ain’t y’all got nxthin 2 lxxse (3x)

nxthin 2 lxxse

[part 2]

i got nxthin 2 lxxse i don’t show my sh+t, keep that sh+t to myself, and i own my sh+t, if anybody f+cks with my sh+t they get f+cked up quick

before you get yo bread better watch how you move with it, wise words from a dude who own his sh+t, yeah i own my sh+t, make all my music

nxthin 2 lxxse

- 1221 testo

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