12 – 4am inferno testo

attendere prego...

yeah, who this
na n-gga what you want
alright, i’ma call you back


im stacking doe with the woes/
i f-ck this hoes with the woes/
i done sold dope with the woes/
im smoking dope with the woes/
i got the juice and its froze/
blowing my phone better be about..
hunnid bands 3x
( stacks)
hunnid bands 3x
ducati my jacket is leather men (flex)
hunnid bands 3x
hunnid bands 3x
blow it up 3x
blow it up 3x
blow it up 3x
stack it up 3x
blow it up 3x

(verse 1)
never do drugs over doze/
kiss on my toes, what are those/
flexing heavy with the bros/
micheal jackson with the clothes/
175 on the road/
4am i’m on the road/
traffic says stop and im gone/
gas it up im with the bros/

i put ma life on the line/
fell off the cliff then i climb/
climbing steady i be fine/
give me a hand you decline/
switch up the move coz i can/
n-gga im fly like a pelican/
tony montana my intellect/
im gliding steady and further men/
(we gone be fine)

see me pull up in a cadi/
(we all do fine)
wavy n-ggas only/
(we all in line)
we all about the hunnid ben franklins hunnid bands hunnid/
keep it one hunnid..
keep it one hunnid..


(verse 2)

zongo boy, super model b-tch/
drop the ceiling let them haters hate/
super villain balling state to state/
bullet speeding, never in a race/
vvs’s on my f-ckn chain/
easter bunny with the golden cake/
if im with then i want it all/
say a prayer im a f-ckn god/

i been on my grind, need to pour my own wine/
stay outta ma business, just want what is mine/
exploring my options, each one at a time/
so how you define/

im asking for nothing but loyalty n-gga/
you came at a price, put a tag on you n-gga/
you double cross me, you the one to blame, ain’t no second guessing you be f-cking late/

pablo esco-caso im a prodigy n-gga/

how would drug me with all this vervain and stay mad at me n-gga/
i’ma pour you champagne in a gl-ss to get back at you n-gga/
i’m on top of the charts and im calling the shots p-ssy n-gga…/


- 12 testo

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