11hrsleft – imadethisonios14 [prod. cole the king x ded3] testo

attendere prego...

i don’t wanna drop now i don’t wanna fight now
i don’t wanna corrupt now (let’s stop this)
pull up with your back down you’re gonna f+cking pass out and that’s a f+cking fact now (let’s go b+tch)
b+tch got a cut now b+tch wanna f+ck now b+tch on my d+ck now (and i’m moaning)
no i’m not a class clown i will blow your back out then i’ll f+cking dash out and smoke a pack and f+cking crash out

lonely but i love it i don’t wanna change sh+t aye
ghostly figures in my room that i’m chasing aye
roll me a joint let my brain shift aye

- 11hrsleft testo

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