116 – la fiesta testo

attendere prego...

[verse: lecrae]
[?] mi español muy [?]
i speak english ’til i get up [?]
hit the beach, i’m forty deep with mis hermanos (mis hermanos)
y’all don’t understand my lingo [?] (yeah, yeah, yeah)
[?] dale
[?] power of the lord, i keep it on me
everyday is like a party, tell the drama, “go away”
i don’t do it for approval, i just do what god say
cardec cooked me up a beat, i ate it in the driveway
dale, dale, live my life inside the valley
though he walkin’ with me get my enemies on khaled
yeah, boy
dr down to paraguay
me and funky got togethеr, that’s a crazy pair, boy

- 116 testo

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