111robloxdude – smug testo

attendere prego...


that’s what you are
but i’m just trying to be honest

but you’re too smug for your own good
people don’t like you like you thought they would
thought you would be the king of hollywood
you think you’re misunderstood

here’s the truth

[first chorus]

you’re too smug
for your own good
you act like everbody’s
in their childhood
trying to grow them up
in the way you want
that’s not how it goes
that’s why i’m singing this song

[break 1]

but your too smug
to even listen

so why not hear what i have to say
from someone you respect

would that be too much?
don’t make me blush

[second chorus]

want everyone to listen to you
100 percent
that’s not how it works, babe. do you get it?
i don’t know how to explain it to you any further, but i know that…

you’re so desperate
for attention
you wanna fit it in
but you cant
you’re smugness has spread
and no one likes you
i’m sorry but…
that’s the truth


too smug
so smug, y’might need a hug

[break 2]

act like your the best
when your really the worst
no one likes you
guess that fuels your thirst

so damp
its dying
so scram
stop trying


try to make everyone feel bad by giving them insults
when you just insult yourself
then you say, i will -ssault you
ok… then

battery, that’s the extra charge to go on to your stupid act
cuz your too smug for your own good

[chorus 3]

your too smug
for your own good
you act like the world is beneath you
like everyone has to listen to you

but your not the one, who
rules the world
you’re so sad
it makes me hurl

sorry to break the truth
that’s true

no one likes you

cuz your mean to everyone
why do you think that will make people like you, dude

attention seeking
is never breaking


but i guess you would know to much about that anyways
cuz you’ve always been like this
its been since like what, 9th grade?
its twelfth grade. grow up

the world does doesn’t belong to you
i don’t know why you think it does
guess you would have any clue
cuz you don’t have anyone you trust

- 111robloxdude testo

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