100roundv!zzy – to the next testo

attendere prego...

[intro ]
we in this b+tch n+gga
f+ck around and po’ a 6 n+gga
that’s how i feel tho

v!zzy on the track so you know its finna slap
they be sleeping on a n+gga mother f+ckers takin’ naps
n+gga where the bows all we tryna do is trap
and if 5+0 come then we runnin’ out the back (out the back)

how you feel v!z? i wanna k!ll sh+t (k!ll sh+t!)
po’d a 2 in my cup and i spilled it (godd+mn)
i was lit back then and i’m still lit (still lit!)
b+tch i’m from the mon where we steal sh+t (monmouth b+tch!)

i ain’t ever got to worry ’bout a opp b+tch (h+ll nah)
them n+ggas p+ssy, type to call the f+ckin’ cops b+tch
b+tch i ain’t never sober, might run you over
f+cked a b+tch last night and her name was lola
i’m the type to steal a rich n+gga f+ckin’ rover (skrtt)
i’m the type to pull out and nut up on her shoulder (what n+gga you gone nut on what?)

nut up on her shoulder
i’m the type to pull out and nut up on her shoulder
[verse 2]
you a lame ass n+gga, ain’t gettin’ no cooch n+gga
i ain’t bought a hoe sh+t you bought her some boots n+gga? (boots?)
bad lil’ hoe, she callin’ me boo n+gga
but a n+gga ain’t her boo it’s yung triple 2 n+gga ayy
new hoe named lilo
lil’ b+tch my n+ggas wrappin’ up the kilos
like a blind n+gga b+tch i can’t see hoes
i’ma make a n+gga blind with this heat though
knock off his eyelids, b+tch we on some spy sh+t (spy sh+t)
wait outside a n+gga crib then we fry him (brratt)
kidnap a n+gga, make a b+tch buy him (kidnap a n+gga)
pay the price hoe or this n+gga dying

and we screamin’ f+ck yo dead n+ggas
fed n+ggas, we runnin’ up with them tecs n+ggas
yellow tape for a p+ssy
and that b+tch p+ssy gushy gushy
she gone eat the d+ck like a cookie
like a mother f+ckin’ snack
put this d+ck right up in her back
give her ass a slap, she grindin’ on my lap
call my hoe up, i don’t give a f+ck if you show up
n+gga let’s po’ up, f+cked her so hard made her throw up

ice cubes on my neck (on my neck n+gga)
bad b+tch to my left (to my left n+gga)
big stick on deck (big stick n+gga)
pass her on to the next
ice cubes on my neck (ice cubes, ice cubes)
bad b+tch to my left (to my left to my left)
big stick on deck (bah bah bah bah)
pass her on to the next (to the next ayy)
pass her on to the next
pass her on to the next
pass her on to next
my n+ggas finna pass her to the next

- 100roundvzzy testo

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