100pbased – visions 2 testo

attendere prego...


its in my souuul

take a look around look your feet on the ground, and you can look up and see the stars in the sky

where the f+ck we come from? i just really wanna know

we came from the stars and comets this sh+ts in my soul!

all the truths and narratives, i got family and relatives, this blood running through my body? what’s it made of?

i’m really having… some deep thoughts, and questions, cuz i dont know, where we go? where we go at the end? after your dead?

somebody tell me im scared… man i don’t know……

you gotta wrap up the present the gift of life the thing that we were givin make sure you don’t have no loose ends… tie up tie up tie up

finish everything you were put on this earth to do, whatever you choose to do and it’s all good you can based freestyle you can take it off the top straight, its all good

- 100pbased testo

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