10 am – no intro testo

attendere prego...

10 am on the track
most of y’all n+ggas all that
check the b+tch at the back
double figures in her bag
look at my drip sip
talking your sh+t hit
most of my n+ggas are sick

[10 am ]
god bless me with a gift, now you can say my soul as been touched
i feel like cain from the bible coz i’ve suffered too much
i don’t wanna die in these streets
i’ve never claims to be tough
but if war is what you want then i might as well f+ck some sh+t up
i’ve bottled my emotions, i don’t need no opening up
you closed minded until one bullet opens you up
to see my body in a coffin, my moms soul will be crushed
my friends so d+mn stubborn to realise this song is for us
but when my time to shine comes i’m gon be strong as a truck
on a highway switching lanes coz i’m too big to be touched
to all y’all industry rappers your new cars will be crushed
totalled, flipped over and some smoking and stuff
witbank rappers all been thinking of chaining me up
rap is my passion but i been thinking of hanging it up
1200 to my name from this show in 2018
voted top of the underdogs call y’all n+ggas just wack
10 am on the track
most of y’all n+ggas all that
check the b+tch at the back
double figures in her bag
look at my drip sip
talking your sh+t hit
most of my n+ggas are sick

[10 am ]
if i’m the best you’ve ever heard then why you serving me crumbs
the hood f+cked up all i been hearing is federal crimes
i pray you stay out the way coz a blessing will come
witbank is wicked don’t even ask why i’m carrying a knife
coz a p+ssy will cut you deep if you’ve got access to one
might as well be a president a d order a whole army to come
i thank my n+gga southside for looking out for the n+gga
coz life is about where you going and not where you from

- 10 am testo

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