10 am – intro [rap interlude] testo

attendere prego...

[10 am]
i spend my days sharp my sk!lls while its still legal
i’m always focused when i see my future like an eagle
black shirt spova gang is that william regal
the vision of an eagle is the vision of my people
it’s not the world i though about when i was in pre school
if you ain’t rich then you ain’t cool
that’s just nonsense that’s a dumb rule
if you follow trends then you are a fool
that’s why real n+gga went to homeschool
now i really wish i was you
i can teach you a thing of two
open your eyes and see the view
black shirts can turn to blue
i don’t even feel the pain
the pain that just remains
at 10 let me hit the train
before this acid rain
all the hate i can’t maintain
all locked up in my brain
this one girl mary jane she helps me ease the pain
wait a moment, y’all can’t handle the truth

- 10 am testo

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