1 trait danger – unboxing car seat headrest’s twin fantasy testo

attendere prego...

h+llo world
this is andrew, from car seat headrest
i was told and essentially forced
to do an unboxing video of my own album
in this box, right here
luckily, i’ve never seen my own album
so this is going to be a new experience for me as well
let’s grab a knife

(um, okay)
dig in here
you want to be real careful
because it’s, you know, vinyl in there
you don’t wanna+
you don’t wanna puncture any of it so you gotta be really careful when opening it

(ah, okay)


that’s why i have this:
it’s a protective+
cardboard piece
this is actually really nice
so when, when you’re stabbing in, carefully
you know, you don’t hit the vinyl
that’s good
what the f+ck?

these are f+cking cds

they sent me cds

i was told this was vinyl, dude
what the f+ck is this?

um… okay
well, i’ve got a bunch of cds
i guess i’ll open one of these

oh! found the vinyl, never mind
here it is
here it is, down below
down below, with some, um
with some paper

oh, came with a box of+ uh
twin fantasy posters
with a little matador symbol at the bottom
because you don’t wanna forget
don’t forget who’s funding this, you know
never forget
matador is the king
alright, so much posters, cool
so when you buy your box of vinyl/cds
you’ll get a bunch of cds, a bunch of vinyl and um
this is actually pretty nice though

very, uh, very thicc
very durable
this is very durable
i wish i had a record player

there’s that

guess we’ll start with the
with the cd
let’s give the cd a shot
looks+, looks kind of the same

(auh, f+ckin’)

that’s the only one

vinyl, cd
as you can see the cd is actually gonna be smaller in diameter than a vinyl
do not try to put the vinyl in a cd player
it’s just not gonna fit
okay, opening the cd first
on the back
we’ve got a bunch of+
oh, it’s a double cd
so we’ve got the mirror to mirror version from 2011 and the face to face version from today
perfect, perfect, perfect
i hope this doesn’t+
what i’m seeing right now is all the text is backwards
i hope it flips it
but, uh, let’s, let’s open this
ooh, that’s a nice angle
that’s what i’m talking about

open this sucker up


nice cardboard, you like that?
if you can hear that, that’s good
that’s a good feel

okay, so on the inside, you’ve got some
some pics
with a quote
quote says
“these words will still be true when you are broken
these words are still true when you get nothing”
remember that
a bunch of special thanks+s on the inside
keep a look out for 1 trait danger
that’s a big, that’s a big one on there
uh, on the inside, looks like we’ve got two discs
we’ve got the, uh, mirror to mirror version, the 2011 version
all will toledo
then you’ve got the face to face version, full band version

and behind that, you’ve got a hanson shirt
but it’s actually nirvana, gotcha
let’s see if there’s anything else in here actually
oo+ooh, little goodies
always goodies
always little goodies
little booklet
on the back, mm+hmm
oh, it’s an art+book
cool, cool

song titles

there now i guess things over here


some art

and my boy lyrics
as you can see, will really
took a lot of time
to write a lot, a lot of lyrics for this song
he kinda just stopped though


then you’ve got beach life+in+death
beautiful, beautiful art
i’m not gonna walk you through all of these
it’s just art, okay
you ever heard of it
get real, it’s art

okay, that’s a cd


done with that

let’s see what else we got
there we go
the big one


i got some song names
on the back
you know what that is, don’t be an idiot

same art

on the inside
same quote

same special thanks

just very sp+ced out

they took their liberty with sp+cing on this one

preferably i would like
smaller sp+ces

but i didn’t design it


let’s see what we’ve got here
ooh, okay
okay, big boy
looks like we’ve got vinyl numero uno

with a lot of lyrics
right here


i like this
i like the crunched dialogue
that’s good
it’s good
i wonder if anybody is going to decipher that
i wonder

let’s pull this sucker out

not much of a vinyl guy, i don’t really know how i’m supposed to handle these
do you+
keep it like that?
can you touch the outside?
i don’t know
i just got a box of ’em for free
i’m going to touch it however the f+ck i want


side a
you’re gonna want to put this at 33 rotations per minute
any more, it’s gonna sound bad
any less?
could sound good
give it a shot

this is the mirror to mirror version
you’re not getting
but are you getting
what are we getting here?

all right
see, alright
you’re getting the mirror to mirror version and the face to face version
would be funny if we only did the mirror to mirror version
that would have been a good joke, matador
you had a chance and you blew it
so, here’s the mirror to mirror version
pretty, huh?
and then we’ve got the
face to face version
it’s the lyrics
check it out
pull this sucker out
face to face

oh, wait

looks like, uh


looks like it just says mirror to mirror but this really is just the face to face
side a
my boy, beach life
side b
stop smoking, sober to death, nervous young inhumans, right
i don’t know why
i don’t know why it says mirror to mirror
somebody f+ckin’
tell me why
then we’ve got the face to face one
and this has bodys, cute thing, high to death
famous prophets and twin fantasy
so yeah, this is just the face to face version
i was trolled
by my own record label
unless i’m wrong
somebody correct me

these are quite fun discs
well, honestly
that’s about it
that’s about all i got
on the unboxing
here’s the mayhem
if you buy a whole box
if you buy a whole box of these f+cking
cds and records
you can get all this too
for three easy payments of $14.95
come check us out at matadorrecords.com

- 1 trait danger testo

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