0racle – mistakes (interlude) testo

attendere prego...

got all these mistakes in my past
snakes in the grass won’t take away all of that
everything i’ve learnt, everything i’ve passed
all the things i’ve failed, all the things i never had cause i didn’t go for it
the list of sh+t i did was so enormous that they plastered it on the walls like
“look how’d we afford this much paper”
this waster ain’t worth our time
what walls, you might be asking? the walls of my mind
but, now that i’ve progressed
feels like everything i ever wanted has fallen on to my chest
the growing musical ability, no more cringy me
that’s all i ever asked for but, now i’m telling me that
i need more, i need to get better, just as a reward
please, give me that
universe don’t appreciate what i’m giving back
my entire f+cking life, i’ve been the living fact of that
well, now it’s time to change and do something ashton would’ve actually rapped

- 0racle testo

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