070 shake feat. phi – sunday night testo

attendere prego...

sat-rday night, you call me when you jump.
dont even try or never touch my show.
she made a call, shawdy is a pro. never in love you do it for the pro. am bout to hit the road(the road)(3)

am bout to hit the road road road.
she do it do the show, i didn’t even know. sunday night
hit the light and call me sorry for the way
ah pop the tap and then my life turn to a mess
you just need a philippine
lemme be your be your miss
ah wanna blink and goes away
then you see that am not crazy.
maybe you should maybe nothing never face me.
ah was cleaning long long long longtime ago.
the fall one by one like mother f-ckin dominile.they tell you what to do like you don’t understand us getting money chases.
she just roll the domices. roll it roll it roll it roll it
ah don’t know how how feeling. why do u come for me. i know you don’t wanna see.
something’s are just hard to believe, till you breathe, so get in let the trips made the trees
pour it out don’t ever leave me lone to peace

- 070 shake feat phi testo

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