051 drilla – we back testo

attendere prego...

uh #huh
(d#mn casey)
yeah i’m back and it’s back to the regular come pull on the 50 got sticks and berettas and 50s and glocks we got smoke for who ever and u better not fall or lil bro come check ya did dead six months and i’m back and i’m better was looking online at this new gucci sweater a band for my kicks my new b#tch a lil better my old b#tch she mad tell her i need a lil better but f#ck her and n#gga try to think it’s sweet and im bussing mention my name it’s a few repercussions just bumped lil b#tches i think they was cousins i f#cking these b#tches u n#ggas be loving i’m st##zing so hard but i swear it nothing yeah wait a minute had to catch my breath but now that i’m finished i did 100 drills as lil sly as my witness so much blood on my hands better swear hope god forgive me free pri our the county i swear he a menace i be wit do it’s the demon the villans i f#ck the gs cause for geo they drilling j roc just came home he just did a lil sentence you know we got thousands but we really want millions yeah yeah yeah yeah i’m smoking on la it’s laced wit stello and lil boo it’s great lil he bro just popped out the cut he ain’t dump the whole stick gave him five to the face and rose just beat a lil case we ride with the 50 and drac’ i call them marry and kate they get real wild they’ll give u a date but i’m back and every where i go i’m strapped a n#gga blowing at me i’m blowing back nah i can’t go like that lil marc put us on the map and everything i say all facts on fats all your rap all cap banging bs no bap b#tch
051 rosé
on gang when we pop out we pop out with sticks don’t get caught out here lacking bout get you a bl!ck and yo homie was practice it ain’t make no sense we don’t f#ck with actors that’s outstanding members don’t try me don’t tempt me i got a short temper he thinking it’s chicken i show him he tender man drills say he hungry and opps on the menu if he spot em he got em might pop out the rental the difference between us and all of these n#ggas our calling is different i don’t hesitate ion stall when i’m bl!cking camp out where u stay and i haul with this bl!cky get hit in yo face in the mall with this bl!cky catch a opp out of state hot sh#t all in his sprinter u get hit in yo face and yo top i’m a skin it ym we dem n#ggas can’t break imma bend em f#ck yo homie he dead he got hit in his head say this sh#t to yo face and i pray it offend ya f#ck the feds beat the case and i pray it offend em gudda splacked hisself i swear he prayed for the ending chino that wasn’t for him he was waiting on dinner ym we the sh#t we been poppin like pimples get hit with this lead like i sharped a pencil my future to short man i got a short temper pop up where u stay and i knock out yo mental no f#cks to be giving heart cold as december we don’t do back and forths and no man in the middle i move wit my torch get hit in yo dental u run up on wop nem get put in a blender way back in 06’ i been boosted the temperature thats fast forward to 19’ im still totting my bl!cka rewind to 09’ i was out getting risky don’t slide down the mac cause we don’t to get sitchy the wic made it home now it’s time to get busy

- 051 drilla testo

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