03 rob – fat lives matter testo

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man 03 rob yee i guess i go crazy , seeing food in front of me really do amaze me
mmmm smells good and looks yummy yummy , i dont care what it is ! mmm get in my tummy
all i do is eat food bro you know that i love it , big heart and big appet-te call me mclovin , got some meals in my way and u know that i’m grubbin
we can fight for this food bro u know that i’m tuggin, if we had a eating contest i know that it’s nothing
drippin head to toe b-tch check the fit .. gut hang out my stomach you know that we lit . real manly n-gga heavy weight look at the t-ts
drip drip drip and i ain’t talking bout clothes , i’m talking the sauce in my burger , i don’t want one b-tch give me dos
food ain’t the only thing i like , i like football too , catch me on the field or catch me with some won ton soup
bagels b-lls and bangers , b-tch the 3 bs! i already told you if it’s a eating contest then you can’t see me !
i ain’t wanna end it short but i guess ima have to do it , 03 rob .. dropping heavy weight in this music !

- 03 rob testo

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