03 greedo – aggresively flexing testo

attendere prego...

[verse: 03 greedo]
yo boyfriend congested
just get it off yo chest b-tch
you sick of seeing me on yo explore page [?]
boyfriend congested
just get it off yo chest b-tch
you sick of seeing me on yo explore page [?]
i, i’ma spend money when i want
i, i, you ain’t got money for the blunt
i, i, you can’t buy your woman what she want
i, i, [?]
you be buying jordans every month
but yo kids ain’t got no money for their lunch
i, i, [?]
shoutout to my niece on that jb
h-ll yeah, her big brother justin, yeah he all about his bread
support me like you cool, i was thuggin’ with it [?]
screaming “free my n-gga [?]” [?]
all my n-ggas
i just wanna ball my n-gga
if you ain’t …

[verse: lil uzi vert]
no i’m not resting
them old -ss d-ckies on me, d-mn that’s your best
my new crib got sections, on sections, on sections
he spent all his money tryna put up his diamond necklace
that glockie beside me like i’m in the west end
we use that protection, don’t use smith & wesson
you ain’t really on the block
boy you really need to stop
i fall in love, my girl love falling blesses
i’m bad like a demon, i’m fresh like the reverend

–unreleased (snippet)
feel free to fill in 03 greedo’s verse

- 03 greedo testo

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