02loaded – gelato testo

attendere prego...

pop out to your function and i got the fye
pop 2 percs, i think i can fly
racks in my skinnys, like pads in my thighs
try to rob me best believe you gone’ die
i’m facin’ gelato i feel a lil high
she give me dome she come with her mind
you ain’t smoking for free we don’t care if you fine
ap bust down i can’t see the time
plr+16 we gone’ shoot til he cry
i’m in the lyft i’m holding the tool
rolling gelato i’m smoking on fuel
try to rob me get smoked like a juul
you think he hard? lil b+tch you a fool
leanin’ too hard i might need a stool
2+tone choker you see the jewls?
just like josh i stay with a drake
give me 3 woods them sh+ts getting faced
reach for a chain, get smoked like a vape
i’m tryna f+ck i don’t go on dates
barretta on me and i’m shootin’
im uppin’ the score on you n+ggas you losin’
step in the party she choosin’
if you want smoke shootin’ is the solution
we pullin’ up to the function
i’m 02loaded and i get it jumpin’
stay with a stick like im huntin’
kick the b+tch out like i started puntin’
stay with the racks it ain’t nothin’
ran off on the plug now he steady buggin’
push up in a uber and i got it with me
i let the chop sing like whitney
big ar i don’t use a semi
he want some static we slide in a hemi
pour up them seals, don’t pour up no henny
i make a few bands i count about twenty
these n+ggas be broke you know they gone envy
he talkin’ crazy we pull to his city

- 02loaded testo

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