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attendere prego...

venom in my blood, distrust from the above
the fear to be enough is nothing to cover up
emotions bubble up, then erupt into f-ck sh-t
fix it with a double cup and drop of the russian
every time we bring it up, talking dysfunction
people in this game, boy
push they own b-ttons
and they okay with it
watching this sh-t like a main event
my best friend pushing cocaine for rent
telling me the best times came and went
not everybody here got a safety net

they shooting up ‘cause the vein effect
make the sane neglect
while we place our bets
make us stay in debt
learn to pay respects
try to save the rest
while the pain infect
all the patients left
so we take a test
suddenly we depressed

adderral, crack cocaine and addicts
had to brawl, gotta maintain the status
got no reason but i’m beyond the maddest
every evening when i be on the mattress
i regret my actions, i reject distractions
i seek out the p-ssion, i plot out the mansion
i p-ss out impeachment, i serve at the bottom
i search and i strive for the sins of the souls and to solve ‘em

b-tch got a problem
lockjaw ‘cause she on one
i got a drink and she want some
it ain’t water b-tch, vodka
pause, huh
i don’t see my homies, where the squad gone?
she don’t even know me can’t recall none
now she got a forty, b-tch caution
twenty minutes later in the washroom
‘cause her friends told me to watch her

back to the crowd now
find my boy with a shorty, got a booty with her -ss out
i ain’t even moving, feeling woozy
for the last hour
i’ma go stupid, i’ma lose it till i p-ss out
got a point i gotta prove it
and there’s no use introducing me to new friends
‘cause as soon as all this music pipe down
and the drugs p-ss through ‘em
gon’ forget we ever knew ‘em
‘cause the liquor was the only thing fuelling all this talk

when the beat gonna drop?
spilling my cup, needa top off
anyone got, a bottle of water to sip
my jaw finna lock
nah? soft
straight from the faucet
shouldn’t of mixed
the ‘roc with the loud and the vyv
shoulda known better than this
ignorant kids, rave ‘till we quit
shoulda known better than this

cigarettes and some adderrall
look tough get caught if you act soft
run from the withdrawal
look down don’t ask what the drugs cost
cigarettes and adderall
cigarettes and adderall
cigarettes and adderall
cigarettes and adderall

better than this
ignorant kids, rave ‘till we quit
shoulda known better than this

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