0-brien – face down testo

attendere prego...

i dont give a f-ck
ima scream till i give out
face down
face down
shorty throw that -ss around
chase now
chase out
everybody want it now
watch out
watch now
ima f-ckin paint the town

they say that i’m too aggressive
often that i’m too offensive sorry to your senses but it’s not in my blood to be p-ssive
guess what
you can suck my left nut
put your corpse up in the trunk and get your f-cking limbs crushed


everybody want that ignorant
type you could f-ck around k!ll to
people never worry bout the differences
f-ck it ima come around and join you

i’ll let the anaconda out
unzip the pants oh she
wildin now
told her need top and well then she went down
she in the spot got her begging for rounds

i got so faded i forgot her name
she wanted drinks and so i did the same
told me let’s go up ain’t here for no games
onto the bed now i’m up in her sp-ce

b-tch i’m a demon i’ll light up the flame
0-brien go crazy and you just a lame
and she call me daddy her body’s terrain
addicted to p-ssy i need to be tamed

kisses on the cheek
led to blowin on her knees
hickeys on the neck
then i hit it from the back

yes i am a punk
you can site that matter fact
better watch your daughter fore i hit from the back again

d-ck in her groin
i be stirring up her loins
still with this sh-t
do you f-xking get the point

d-ck in her groin
i be stirring up her loins
ima take your girlfriend thats a crime you cant a void you cant avoid it

- 0 brien testo

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